A little history.

we made our very own time-machine!

2001 Inception

We all start somewhere and our story begins with a tight group of friends in 2001. We cannot say which one of us said it first but it was definitely Billy (far left) who began printing our iconic Old English logo for our crew. Interest grew quickly as at the time it was a sort of head nod to like-minded cannabis enthusiasts. Right from the start we knew we were onto something big! Bill, Krenz, Ben, and Clockwerk pictured.

Rolling forward ca. 2004

Shortly after we started, we decided to get a skate team together. With Kansas City being a kind of hidden gem for skate spots and massive talent we started recruiting and filming all the time. Hobert, Clockwerk, and Ananda posing for sweet photo op.

What Else Could Go Wrong? low budget Nug Life skate video ca. 2005

"Hey man.....sweet shirt!"

Some dude, everytime we wore a Nug Life shirt.

California and The Comedy Store

The homie and brand ambassador Jon Schiezer made his way to LA and was working at The Comedy Store. Jon hustled our gear into the hands of everyone he met, including moderately famous people! Al Madrigal, Chris Murray, Jon Schiezer pictured.

Clockwerk keeping it real in Chicago ca. 2008

Looking for a change of scenery, Clockwerk moved to Chicago and kept things going out of a basement print shop in Bucktown. Here he is pictured with the master screen, DIY style.

Return to KC part 1 ca. 2010

The gang gets back together! In 2010 with a breath of new life and inspriration we established Nug Life LLC and were back to our old shenanigans. Throwing parties, booking bands and DJ's, and having pop-up shops. The crew pictured here is Bill, Schiezser, Clockwerk, Greenup, Zach Lovely.

Party time crew!

The Hiatus ca. 2014-2022

Due to life, ambitions, personal growth, and other factors. Nug Life was dead. Or so we thought. It was a needed break that lasted too long. Plus, Clockwerk was stuck in Colorado having too much fun.

Back by Dope Demand! Return to KC part 2 ca. 2022

Well here we are. 2022! Already knee deep in pop-up markets, launching the new website, and putting on parties again. In this post medical/recreational era we feel like the sky's the limit! So yes, we are Back by Dope Demand in 2022.

Emily and the mobile merch setup
Anthony DeVito, Clockwerk, and Ari Shaffir

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